I help women to Lose Weight, Gain Health and Feel Good - through simple, sustainable, evidence-based lifestyle changes.

I have spent 15 years as a Dr/GP. I am a certified Lifestyle Medicine Dr. I have learnt a lot about healthy lifestyles and I would love to share it all with you!

One-to-one, personalised, highly supported programs.
Online consultations in the comfort of your own home.


Best wishes, Geraldine


If you’re feeling like this…

  • You’re not content at your current weight and would like to make some changes.
  • As a busy woman, weight loss may seem an almost impossible addition to your already long to-do list! We are so focused on our children, partners, work, parents – basically everyone and everything but ourselves.
  • Weight loss may seem an intimidating swirl of complicated information, diets, meal plans, calories, points, macros, shakes, medications, exercise regimes, apps, even surgery. Often one size fits all, with a big “now what?” at the end!
  • Covid, long Covid, the lockdowns - for many of us, the past 2 years have most certainly not helped with weight and health.

Know this…

  • The vast majority of diets fail in the longer term. So if your efforts have been unsuccessful and your weight has continued to increase or yo-yo – realise that the fault lies with the diets and not you!

  • To achieve your consistent healthy weight, you need to find your consistent healthy lifestyle.

  • Switch your focus from losing weight to gaining health – expand your focus beyond diet and exercise alone, to sleep, stress and wellbeing.

  • It’s time to ditch the diets and start living your best lifestyle!

I can help…

  • I’m Geraldine. Dr and GP of 15 years. Certified Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Healthy Lifestyle Consultant.  Midlife Mum. I specialise in a ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ based approach to achieving your best health and a healthy weight. (Lifestyle Medicine is the use of your food, movement, sleep, stress management and wellbeing to prevent and manage health issues).

  • My ‘LOSE WEIGHT GAIN HEALTH’ programs are designed to empower you on a personal level, to manage your own weight and health for the long term. Giving you proven knowledge and tools to use your food, movement, sleep, stress management and wellbeing to their best advantage and enjoyment.

  • Through the assessment, education, advice, coaching and support within my programs, you will:

    • Find out how your lifestyle is affecting your weight and health and what you can do about it.
    • Create your own doable healthy lifestyle for the long term.
    • Achieve your own consistent healthy weight.
    • Improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Everything that you learn, you can apply with confidence and clarity not only to yourself but to your whole family, to keep everyone healthy and thriving.

If you’d like to know more…

Book a free 30 minute consultation

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The Ultimate Food Reboot 3 month program

If you feel that your weight issues hinge mainly on food and you want to create healthy food habits for weight and life.

The Ultimate Lifestyle Reboot 6 month program

If you feel that your weight issues are about more than food and you want to adopt a broader approach - creating healthy food, movement, sleep, stress and wellbeing habits for weight and life.

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