I am a working midlife mum, living the life and juggling the juggles!

I live in Windsor, UK, with my husband and young daughter and son. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Dr, Healthy Lifestyle Consultant, classical music fan, arts and crafts lover, travel enthusiast, kitchen disco queen, lifelong learner.

  • I am a highly qualified and experienced health professional.

    I have degrees in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Physiotherapy. I have Diplomas in Lifestyle Medicine, Family Sexual and Reproductive Health and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I have spent 15 years working as a Dr and GP. I have been privileged to serve thousands of women. I have learnt a lot about how to help!

  • I want to help midlife mums to feel healthy and happy in their own skin.

    Because from my work to my personal life I know that many midlife mums feel anything but – with weight being one of the most common reasons I encounter.

  • I want to help midlife mums to feel confident in their ability to establish a doable healthy lifestyle.

    Knowing how to simply eat well, move well, sleep well, manage stress and have strong wellbeing – for ourselves and our families. So much of health care must be self-care – not just with regard to weight but much of our physical, mental and emotional health.

  • I want to help midlife mums to see midlife as a great time to take stock and gain health.

    Midlife is the time where many lifestyle related health issues make themselves known (blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, depression…), or start to form (did you know that Alzheimer’s brain changes start in our 30s or 40s?). We are also approaching or experiencing menopause where weight, as well as osteoporosis and heart disease risk, may increase.

  • I want to help midlife mums to help those that we care for.

    We are likely the main carers in society. We are perfectly placed to set an example and share our knowledge with children, partners, parents and friends. Our children in particular, will do what they see us doing – they will inherit not just our genes but our lifestyles.

  • The Lifestyle Medicine approach is not just a professional tool for me.

    It is a personal way of life, that I live and breathe and share with my family. Since completing my Lifestyle Medicine certification, I have changed a lot about the way I eat, move, sleep, manage stress and ensure my wellbeing. I am back to my pre baby weight, I have more energy, I have less stress and I take more care of myself. I feel great and I feel confident in keeping myself and my family happy, healthy and safe for now and for the long term. I want to share all of this with others.

  • I decided to create my own service for midlife mums wanting to lose weight and gain health.

    I understand weight. I understand health. I understand family life. I provide a genuinely positive, effective and family friendly service. Centred on achieving a natural healthy weight through a natural healthy lifestyle. Because however many trends come and go, there always remain the basic, indisputable, healthy ways of life that don’t change and are usually all that we need.

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